FALL/WINTER Leagues - run August through April

We run leagues every day of the week. We have mens, womens, mixed, senior (over 55) and youth leagues. The following are the available leagues. Signups are at westside lanes, or you can call to be added to the list.
Call 360-943-2400. It is never to late to join a league


1 senior league (over 55) starts @ 1:00pm
‚Äč1 womens league starts @ 6:20
1 Mixed league @ 6:20


1 open league - combination of all men teams, all women teams or mixed teams starts @ 6:20
1 all womens league starts @ 6:20


1 open league - combination of all men teams, all women teams or mixed team starts @ 6:20


1 Senior League (over 55) starts @ 1:00pm
1 Mens league starts @ 6:20pm


2 mixed leagues - teams must consist of at least 1 person from the opposite sex
Starts @ 6:20


Youth leagues - we start at 10am. Closed to the public during these leagues
3 leagues - bantams, junior and majors - teams of 4 kids.


Leagues run 13 weeks.

Monday - Big Foot/Little Foot - Adult and Youth mixed league - 13 weeks

League consists of at least 2 youths and 1 adult

Tuesday - Superbowl league - USBC sanctioned, handicap 4-person teams - mixed

League starts in May. At the end of the summer there is a tournament that you will qualify for.
Mixed 4 person teams.
Bowling starts at 6:20pm

Wednesday - Wacky Wednesday

Adult, mixed team. Fun for beginners.
Starts in May.

** Sign up sheets at the westside lanes, or call 943-2400 for more information